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Famous Artists Workshops 2017-2018

Artist Workshop Title Media Dates Notes
Vladislav Yelisleyev “Achieving the Freedom of Brushstroke”
Class Description
Watercolor Nov. 13-15, 2017 (3 days)
9am - 4pm
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Some examples of Vlad's work
Kathleen Conover “Chaos to Order”
Class Description
Mixed Media Jan 15-18, 2018 (4 days)
9am - 4pm
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Some examples of Kathleen's work
Marie Natale “Watercolor –Loose, Luminous & Colorful”
Class Description
Watercolor February 19-22, 2018 (4 days)
9am - 4pm
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Some examples of Marie's work

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For further information you may contact the following Famous Artist
Workshop committee members by email at
or by calling:
Kay Cowan (952)210-6888, Gretchen Johnson (239)463-1214, Nancy Randall (239)765-6381
Mary Hertogs (239)949-2216, Julie Nusbaum (262)442-0338, Michele Buelow (239)689-1221
Pam Flaherty, Judi Miller (239)931-4828

Vladislav Yelisleyev

"Achieving the Freedom of Brushstroke"

Demo 4-6pm Sunday November 12, 2017
Workshop: November 13-15, 2017 (3 days)
Fee: Member $315/Non-member $355
Contact: Kay Cowan email:
Supply List
Some examples of Vlad's work

What is required to quit tight illustrative coloring which is a trademark of beginners and start painting like a pro? All of this and many other techniques will be the subject of this intensive workshop. Like Vladislav says “nobody wants to buy my cellphone photographs despite the wealth of detail and accurate colors”. You are going to learn how to mix and apply watercolors without fear of being inaccurate. Vlad will show you the shortcuts to the path when every brushstroke applied is significant in its impact on the viewer. He will show you importance of one detail above the other and therefore how to be selective in your painting process. Every painting is like a poetry, the less words wasted the more powerful message it conveys. You will learn how to choose subject matter  and the major steps involved in achieving powerful results.

Check out Vlad's website

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Kathleen Conover

"Chaos to Order"

Mixed media
Demo 4-6pm Sunday January 14, 2018
Workshop: January Jan 15-18, 2018 (4 days)
Fee: Member $415/Non-member $455
Contact: Michele Buelow email:
Supply List
Some examples of Kathleen's work

Starting a painting with color, texture, gestural marks and layers may seem like "chaos", but it delivers vital energy that is both fun and intuitive. Great design and composition are the elements that bring "order" to the rich start and turn your painting into an attention-getting and expressive finish. Applying strong design and compositional skills are the focus. Beginner or advanced, you are encouraged to discover and explore your unique expression and personal imagery in realism, abstraction or non-objective.

Visit Kathleen's website and watch video

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Marie Natale

"Watercolor –Loose, Luminous & Colorful"

Mixed media
Demo 4-6pm Sunday February 18, 2018
Workshop: February 19-22, 2018 (4 days)
Fee: Member $395/Non-member $435
Contact: Nancy Randall email:
Supply List
Some examples of Marie's's work

Leave the tight, drab, laborious style behind and create fabulous, glowing results like never before. Paint with ease and add interest and energy to your paintings. Whether new to painting or already a watercolor enthusiast, Marie will guide you on a journey exploring your inner artist, showing you a fearless method of using the vibrancy of color and understanding the importance of color theory and value contrasts in your work. Be amazed at the fresh, clean and luminous results when using color tirades, proper bush techniques and the direct painting method. Marie is known for her friendly teaching style, making classes both fun and informative. Discover the joy only this wonderful painting medium provides and dispel any fears of its difficulty. Come join us for a great painting experience. Each day will be a new subject:
Day 1-Landscapes and Buildings-Value and Contrast creating distance
Day 2-Skies, Boats and Water Reflections
Day 3-Adding people in your paintings!
Day 4-Plein air-just step outside

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